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App available in the iPhone and Google Play Stores. For general enquiries call 13001SAVVY.

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Savvy Helps You Connect With Travellers

Savvy Visitor Guide will connect your business to thousands of visitors to your area each month, and give you the chance to promote exclusively to a great percentage of the transit trade.

We will then be extending the 'Savvy Visitor Guide' service for the benefit of the local community via 'Savvy Shopping' and will include fuel, utilities, trades and services, broader retail, lifestyle and entertainment with real-time information via our community billboard. 

We will include your business as a preferred Savvy Shopping community supplier free of charge.

Imagine having your business video on our billboard for thousands of travellers to see, like this one

Why Become a Savvy Visitor Guide Host?

'Results should be something you pay for, not hope for'

Capture a Healthy Percentage of the Transient Market

Savvy Visitor Guide works actively with Hotels, Motels, Tourist parks etc to provide guests to the area with a local privileges and information service like no other. Unlike passive brochures that are clumped together in obscurity or typical online directories, Savvy Visitor Guide employs a multi-platform system of direct referrals and high visibility promotions, each with an exclusive 'call to action. Savvy Visitor Guide is GPS smart too so we can walk your new customers directly to your door.

Throw a Net Around Thousands of Visitors Per Month

Thousands of visitor will be introduced to the Savvy Visitor Guide App as a 'must have' on check-in at numerous Hotels in your location. Guests introduced at other locations will arrive with the App already installed and find you with a simple search on arrival. As well as the App staff at destinations are provided with a 'Host Check-List' for direct referrals, reception areas with an electronic counter display at reception and all rooms with our exclusive compendium 'Information and Privileges' brochure.

A Strategic Program Guaranteeing Results - Its Purely Mathematical

We deliver guests to your area the most rewarding and informative service of its type and participating Hosts reliable results. To guarantee active and full support from participating accommodation destinations we provide them with unprecedented promotional value by positioning them prominently as a preferred Savvy Destination within the vast App and Website network. So, we offer more than an ad, we offer you a reliable investment with common sense outcomes.

How It Works

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Become a Savvy Visitor Guide Host

Choose your payment method, you can pay yearly or half yearly. Then just enter a few basic details and you're almost there. One of the Savvy Visitor Guide team will then be in touch to secure your place.

Create your deals

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Create Your Offer

You can upload one exclusive deal each quarter. Because we can offer exclusive positioning within guaranteed large audience looking for direction we ask is that you put forward your best possible offer to optimise your results. Easy!

Watch your business grow

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Watch Your Business Grow

With the assistance of Hotels, Motels, Serviced Apartments and Tourist parks we give welcomed privileges and direction to visitors that are unfamiliar with their surroundings. When it comes to business development, we replace hope with probability..

The Savvy Network Buzz

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per annum + $55 set up


6 months + $55 set up

Savvy Visitor Guide Hosts Receive:

Secure your place as a Savvy Visitor Guide Host and you'll be given reasonable category exclusivity and 'first right of refusal' for subsequent periods.

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$avvy Referral Incentive

As a 'Savvy Visitor Guide Host' you may have a friend or acquaintance in your local business community that you believe may benefit from securing a percentage of the transient market as you have. 

So why not help a friend and save some money.

We are happy to give them the first opportunity and you $100.00 cash back if they join us as a Savvy Visitor Guide Host - So let us know and we'll contact them.

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